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Giving you the courage to tell your story through colourful & bold design

Are you ready to take your small business branding to the next level?

Hi there incredible person, I'm Freya, an award winning graphic designer, founder of The Brand New Studio and I specialise in fabulous, brave, storytelling graphics...


I am a brand identity designer with over two decades of experience, working with { the best } mix of individuals and businesses celebrating life's greatest moments, and I want to work with YOU.


Over the years I have become a specialist in creating incredible storytelling identities & websites for clients in the wedding industry, foodie brands, startups and innovative entrepreneurial businesses who share a common yearning for quality, impeccable design and telling their own personal stories through their own remarkable brands.

Small Business branding agency and website design Harwell Oxford

Check out the latest...

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I've had a few logo's designed before, but I think your process is the BEST I'VE EVER WORKED WITH!

Joanna Southwell

Bridal Mentour


How can I help?

Want to know a secret?

When you sign up to work with me you will get access to a fabulous secret VIP membership zone. On here you can submit your new client Q&A ( which is a seriously excellent way of getting your ideas, aspirations and basic business plan down on paper without the stress ) access your latest design documents, check your website content submissions and most importantly download our incredible 'BLAST OFF' new brand launch guide which gives you a step by step action plan from 30 days right to launch day and beyond.

{ PS.. you will also get a super fun launch goodie pack when all the hard work is done, customised to your project and filled with fabulous brand goodies to make you feel incredibly excited to start the new phase of your brand adventure }

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