The Midlands Potters Association contacted me to help bring their brand into current times. The existing logo was dated and un inspiring and for a growing creative community needing to attract younger members to their 'fold' we created a crisp, bold and adaptable logo. Key principles were that it had to reflect a very wide style of potters, some traditionalists, some sculptural, some bold and dramatic and some detailed and delicate. So a simple, non intrusive 'pot' shape was used alongside bold lettering which had a secondary and tertiary option for abbreviations and social media. 

The bright colour palette gave the mark its vibrancy and it popped from applications, working well in single tone, white on imagery, or colour block on printed media the logo is consistent and eye-catching. 

Our edgy angle runs through across brand colalteral, giving a look and feel which is consistent throughout web, leaflets, social media, membership cards and other brand assets and helps create the tone of voice for an up to date, fun, inviting and approachable modern association. They are currently rolling it out slowly across their various platforms so watch this space.

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