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Myrtle Restaurant, by Anna Haugh


Proof that being brave can take you to amazing places, I met Celebrity TV Chef Anna Haugh at a book launch in London we were both attending as guestsand was brave enough to go and introduce myself. A week later a little message popped up in my inbox asking if I could help re vamp her Chelsea restaurant website. Of course the answer was yes! 

Myrtle Restaurant is an incredible award winning restaurant in London's Chelsea hero'ing modern Irish food. Named after the legend Myrtle Allen, one of the first female chefs to really highlight a passion of Irish cuisine, Anna sought approval to be able to use the name for her restaurant. 


The brand takes inspiration initially from the Myrtle leaf but also from the textures, colours and shapes from the restaurant decor, architecture, furnishings and even the dishes themselves. 

I am also working with Anna to create her personal website 'Anna Haugh' and look forward to working together in the future on further marketing.

Myrtle Restaurant_Main Logo.jpg

Words from those who matter...

"It's lovely and I am delighted to have it done"

Chef Anna Haugh

Myrtle Restaurant_Artboard 2.jpg
Myrtle Restaurant_Artboard 3.jpg
Myrtle Restaurant_Artboard 5.jpg
Myrtle Restaurant_Artboard 4.jpg
Myrtle Restaurant_Artboard 7.jpg

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