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Luxury gifting for the wedding industry.

I worked with Rach over a series of months during the pandemic getting her new business up and running before the wedding industry kick started again and she's definitely hit the ground running! This beautiful identity honouring the 'salt' and 'scent' within the visual identity  uses a sophisticated spring colour palette, supported bravely with a trustworthy Navy.


Alongside the seriously incredible quality of the goodies Rachel has curated in her boxes and the welcoming logo, I created details for the packaging and printed collateral to make sure the Salt & Scent customer experience was the very best it could be. Just the smell of the boxes as you open them up is enough to put you in a good mood! ( proof in itself that a 'brand' is not just a logo ).

Go and give Rachel some love over on the socials @saltandscentgifting and order some of their beautiful and luxurious boxes, no excuse needed, do it for the hell of it, they are SOOOOO good! 

Salt and Scent_brand.jpg

Words from those who matter...

Dearest Freya, Thank you so much for all your help & support with my exciting new venture - you are so talented and I really couldn't be happier with my branding! Much Love

Rachel Terrett

The Brand New Studio Ltd Salt and Scent The Vibe
The Brand New Studio ltd Salt and Scent Branding
The Brand New Studio Ltd Salt and Scent Branding.jpg

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