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I flippin LOVE IT when things just WORK… and Gayle’s new identity is the culmination of a fabulous working relationship, good communication, brave choices & hours and hours of creative thinking.

From helping with Gayle’s new name ‘The Natural Vibe Co’ to creating bespoke Gifs this small business branding package has it all.

And hats off to her for creating her very own website! Serious dedication right there! I cannot wait to see this new adventure flourish & grow and hopefully join you on it as you need little injections of brand goodness!!

Head on over to @thenaturalvibeco and give her some lovin’

The Natural Vibe Co.png

Words from those who matter...

Seeing you take my vision and see it come to life in your concepts has made me cry!

Gayle Trott

The Natural Vibe Co Small Business Branding
Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 23.14.39.png
The Natural Vibe Co brand values.png
The Natural Vibe Co_Branding.png

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