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From the moment I met Meg, as a fellow member of The Wedding Business Club @fayecornhill… I was like a child in a sweet shop! Her brief was honestly the most exciting collection of words ~ geeky, cosmic, out of this world, northern, celestial, bright… and the combination on the brand mood board we created in the first few weeks was simply divine. Everything I strive for in a project where your personality shines.

Over the next 6 months we worked together to create a seriously eye catching brand & identity that screams ‘Meg’, a new set of logos, a bespoke background illustration, colour palette, web and brand icons, a Wix Website, and templates for her ceremony scripts & date nights.

MEG ~ it’s been an absolute pleasure, a blast, an emotional rollercoaster (I think we’ve shared a few tears & laughs along the way!) but in all honesty you were a dream, full of energy, excited & on point with your feedback, so thank YOU for sharing this journey with me. Huge Congratulations on your launch & the journey ahead.

Meg Senior_Logo.jpg

Words from those who matter...

Oh my gosh Freya. Thank you ever so much for EVERYTHING. What a project it’s been! And I adore the end result 🚀 Let’s flipping do this. 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!! x

Meg Senior, Humanist Celebrant

Humanist Celebrant Logo and Brand Design
Meg Senior_Brand Moodboard.jpg
Meg Senior_Artboard 5.jpg
Meg Senior_Artboard 4.jpg
Small Business Branding Meg Senior.jpg
Meg Senior Wix Website Design2.jpg
Meg Senior_Artboard 6.jpg
Small Business Branding Oxford 1.png
Small Business Branding Oxford 2.png

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