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School of Wok Dexam Award Winning Packaging Design The Brand New Studio Ltd

As brand ambassadors for School of Wok, Covent Garden TheBr&newstudio were commissioned to work alongside partners Dexam International to create a full range of packaging for The School's debut product range. 

Primarily a complete set of Wok's the range, also consisting of traditional Chinese cooking implements, needed to promote the School of Wok brand and make sure the logo and values partnered seamlessly with the Dexam etho therefore the initial stages of the project consisted of developing a sub-brand for 'School of Wok by Dexam'. 

All packaging had to fulfil 4 languages for international sales and be clearly understood, eyecatching and recognisable on at shelf level. A mixture of the iconic SOW pun's, recognisable icons, brand colours and fonts helped elevate the packaging to bright and modern designs, meaning the shelf presence is fantastic and bold. 

To reflect a previous SOW supermarket product (their infamous Wok Clock) a graphically depicted Chef Jeremy Pang sat comfortably alongside the dynamic on-brand graphics and layouts. 

The range is set to hit highstreet giant John Lewis's shelves in the latter part of 2016 as a Christmas promotion offering one off deals on classes at the London based cookery school, and is already available in various independant Dexam stockists across the UK. 

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