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I love it when I get to learn as well as work, and I simply wasn't aware of the beauty of some of the faux florals out there. 

I first met Liz in my gorgeous garden studio and loved her absolute zest for her dream. Such passion and dedication. I don't think I have ever worked with anyone so incredibly clear and swift at getting back to me.


Liz knew one thing, that the logo had to include the rare and protected Fritillaria Flower which can be found on a family meadow deep in the Oxfordshire countryside and from that small seed grew this incredibly sophisticated lifestyle brand.

LIZ ~ what a beautiful, soft, calm and pretty darn gorgeous brand you have created. 

Meadow Lane Florals_Floral Branding

Words from those who matter...

Its all FLIPPING gorgeous.

I’m feeling incredibly emotional about it all, don’t know whether to cry or laugh but one thing is for sure, none of this would be as fabulous as it is if it hadn’t of been for you and your amazing talent of creating what was in my head, I’m eternally grateful 🙏🙏🙏

Liz Stockings, founder of Meadow Lane Faux Florals

Meadow Lane Florals_Artboard 2.jpg
Meadow Lane Florals_brand elements
Meadow Lane Florals_Faux Florals
Meadow Lane Florals The Brand New Studio
MeadowLaneflorals-Liz Stockings
Meadow Lane Florals_Print
Meadow Lane Florals_Logo

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