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TheBr&newstudio have been working with School of Wok for over 10 years and now act as independent brand ambassadors. Initially developing the unique and recognisable logo back in 2009 we have continued to work closely with the team to create a strong visual identity culminating in the development and design of their fantastic event space and cookery school in bustling Covent Garden, which opened in 2012. 


More recently we have undertaken a brand refresh and logo update bringing them up to date with the household name status that they have achieved over the past decade.

We work closely and regularly with School of Wok on a monthly retainer to make sure their huge array of promotions, collateral and retail graphics are kept in check and always enforce the brand, its ethos and its values, made easier with the creation of the fantastic Brand Bible which outlines each aspect of the company in relation to design.


Over our years with School of Wok we are proud to have seen them grow into a globally recognised brand, who's head chef Jeremy Pang has risen to celebrity status, having been offered a regular slot on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch and has also featured on BBC1's primetime cookery shows. it really is like watching one of your children walking into the school gates for the first time - the complete and utter sense of pride we have for our clients.

TheBr&newstudio also developed the layout, user journey, icons and graphics for School of Wok's interactive and responsive website, built by the talented team at TableFlip which has resulted in a noticeable increase in web traffic and online bookings since its launch in 2015. 

The Brand New Studio have also been involved in producing bespoke illustrations and information graphics for Chef Pang's debut cookery book "Chinese Unchopped" its follow up ' Hong Kong Diner' and working in collaboration with Dexam International to create the packaging designs for School of Wok's first high street product range. 

Finally we are currently working with the team at SOW to design and deliver the visual packaging identity for their Gyoza and Bao Bun kits, available at various highstreet supermarket giants - a huge step in the growth of the brand. 

There is honestly too much work to mention on here, but just know that when you encounter the School of Wok brand, through digital presence, in person at their cookery school or via their YouTube page, we have helped create that little piece of that pie in some way or another. 

Words from those who matter...

Freya is the best designer I have ever worked with. She understands her clients through and through and brings out the best of our creativity through simple, yet effective methods. She takes the crucial time to understand brands, before then putting pen to paper and sketching out what she thinks our brand owner vision could be. It's a dream to have a designer like Freya and The Brand New Studio.

Chef Jeremy Pang

School of Wok Branding and Graphic Design The Brand New Studio Ltd

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