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Award winning graphic design service London KFC Interior Design

Working alongside R&R design and the KFC UK in-house design team, TheBr&newstudio helped to realise the final designs for the all new KFC interiors launch in 2014. R&R Design have been working with KFC for a number of years and they commissioned us to help bring the designs to life - an invaluable resource in the detailing, imagining and final implementation of the new KFC restaurants. 

The KFC Bracknell store is the first flagship to undergo the transformation and we are thrilled with the result. We worked hard to make sure the material palette was perfect to implement the new brand values of KFC which is undergoing a major overhaul in regards to its customer service and perception.

The new designs, illustrations, materials and fixtures/furniture choices help bring the ethos of the kitchen table to life. 

KFC Illustrations & Graphics by Tim Miness

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