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  • Freya Deabill

What is your brand customer journey & why is it important?


and whether you agree with these phrases or not I think within most businesses its important to remember that without customers you would simply not have a business. And to grow a business then the key is keeping those customers happy, creating repeat business, loyal brand followers and building brand trust and association.

This post will help you look at your business as a whole, understand what your 'customer journey' is and how it will help you deliver an incredible service and brand experience reinforcing your ethics, values and vision.

TOUCH POINTS There are numerous touch points that your customers will encounter from initially discovering you, receiving correspondence, buying a product, meeting you face to face, receiving products etc... and leaving them with a huge grin on their face.

These touch points make up your brand customer journey and each business / brand will have a unique journey that is relevant to their business model, their offer, and way they interact with their clients.

ALL these touch points are as important as each other. They should ALL reflect the essence of your business and reinforce the lifeblood of the brand. This helps build a strong customer relationship and makes each customer who leaves an ambassador of the brand.

Repeat custom and word of mouth are desirable assets to have and can bring a huge amount of business back to your brand.

If any of these touch points are not doing their job properly the customer journey will end there and then and not benefit you in any way.

Below is an example of a customer journey. It highlights all the main touch points a customer will come into contact with for this particular company.

EXAMPLE CUSTOMER JOURNEY A small illustration business serving clients from a home studio, advertise online and at various conferences / fairs. Sell expertise and physical products both direct and online.

Customer experience is essential for good reviews and therefore building trust with new clients through reviews and word of mouth.

The next stage of development using your brand customer journey is to take each of these touch points and look into what physical or digital material you will require to engage with your client and make their experience with your brand incredible.


If you would like help developing your customer journey and seeing what items of collateral you use at each stage then simply get in touch to book in an initial Q&A and zoom call to create your own customer journey.


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